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Paige & Teddy — Minted




Paige and Teddy

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

4 days until the big day!

Our Story

The adventure of Paige & Teddy begun 8 years ago. A strong friendship was formed followed by a steady progression into a lasting loving bond.

Their journey has been full of music, tasty food, getaways & building a life in different city’s whilst raising a freshly baked Muffin.

A strong partnership, maturity & connection has allowed them to take their love across the earth. As is the case on this special occasion of marriage.

Teddy & Paige would love those that are very dear to their heart to venture with them to Spain. A location that they feel will symbolise their love, as well as acknowledge Ted’s heritage.

Be prepared for a time of fun, laughter, cherished memories & most importantly love as future Mr & Mrs McCann tie the knot by your side.